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man of action

i have started to come to the realization that i have screwed the first part of my life up.i was talking with someone yesterday about high school memories and realized shit i have had my high school diploma for  9 years now . I then started thinking about what i have to show for my “adulthood”at the age of 26 i own a 1991 dodge spirit that the paint started coming off of in 1992. no kids of my own …..I do love the kid i am raising as my own,i have never had credit  but i have bad credit ……about 3 grand in past medical bills because i only had insurance for 6 monthes as a adult,a judment against me for 5 grand  …damm that fender was expensive…..a warrant for my arrest in another state over a 600 dollar ticket in a oldsmobile(would you believe i wasn’t going faster than 35 m.p.h. )no emplyoment in the past year and ahalf as i going back to school. went to college 3 times but still no degree or at the rate i am going i won’t finish this time.  4 wisdom teeth that i havent had the “wisdom”(money) to get rid of,and living in a now hore town that has lost 1000’s in jobs in the last five years as the U.S. don’t make anything anymore. Overall my problems all fall down to one overall main problem i have had . Social interaction, i hate people in general i know thats a bad thing but i was rasied into being this way.why couldn’t my parents been honest with me . they told me my future was in all the reading and schoolwork .at 26 i really learned the truth …….it’s not what you know ,its who you know.  and rule 2  don’t forget to fuck over as many people as you have to to get ahead .  yeah so much for rule 2 and me  as i am the one to get fucked…..so i hope to be a man of action  next year . I hope by this time next year my life is improved  some of my finacial matters have been dealt with and in general progressing is a postive forward motion ……… this realization has been inspired by Jay-z’s song off the album Kingdom come  , 30 is the new 20

11 hours in line………

Woohoo I survied the crazieness called black friday i think there was only about 2000+ people pissed behind me at Best Buy in Hickory  who didn’t get the deal that they wanted . I did manage to get the pc that best buy had on sale and i even got the western digital 250 gig external hard drivei was unable to find the 100 stack of dvd-r that was advertised for $ 4.99  that shit went quick. we did get to take some pictures but i am still to tired to even mess with them .

this is the year of…..

this is the year of consumers standing outside in line for some product or deal…..First it was the ps3 ……No i didn’t stand in line for a 600 dollar machine that i was not going to get …Then it was the Wii……..No I didn’t stand for a crappy nintendo ….When will Nintendo learn that the new era of gaming involves using your machine to watch movies and play cd’s …. But today i will be standing in line in front of my local best buy for a computer..I have 4 now but i need a new one. Best buy has this deal :

eMachines 352 Desktop with 15″ Flat-Panel LCD Monitor & Photo Printer

Save $385 instantly on this sensible PC package (T3522, E15T4B, iP1700).


* Save big on powerful productivity features for those home, work and school projects and just for fun
* Intel® Celeron® D processor 352 with Intel® EM64T enhancement, 512MB PC4200 DDR2 memory, DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive, 100GB hard drive and Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 900
* 15″ flat-panel LCD monitor with fast 16 ms response time, 400:1 contrast ratio and antiglare screen coating
* Compact PIXMA photo printer with ChromaLife100 technology for long-lasting, borderless 4″ x 6″ photos
* Save $385! (Reg. price $574.97 – $385 total bundle instant savings = $189.97)
* Best Buy’s Bundle Return Policy applies to this PC package purchase.so if your in Hickory North Carolina tonight the first person in line should be me 🙂

And i thought my name was rare……..

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Just got a bit faster ……..

Just  recieved a early cristmas gift …….

dslreports.com speed test 2006-11-16 13:00:28 EST:
10433 / 986 (Kbps)
(1273.6 / 120.4 KB/sec)
Compared to the average of 1087 tests from charter.com:
* download is 177% better, upload is 107% better

<a href=”http://speedtest.dslreports.com”><img border=0 src=”http://www.dslreports.com/im/18721825/49893.png”></a&gt;

I can not complain only 3 other people in the area with speed this fast 🙂

ambition ………

i don’t know what went wrong growing up but i have never had much ambition ……i have always been the type of person to work whatever job i could get to make money  never really making good money. I only went back to school because i was getting paid more than what i was earning working. i have realized recently maybe i don’t have ambitions because i never did .Whats wrong with me???????when i was in school and carreer day crap came around . I thought who needs a career ,I don’t as a kid i wanted to be a drug dealer of all things because they had everything i ever wanted nice cars ,clothes,women ,money hell i even known some to have nice houses.when i was 17 i started on my path to being a drug dealer it was good only sold weed …. Money isn’t in weed unless you move it by the pound i did good until i started seeing friends going to jail for really long times by the time i turned 18 i gave up on that business because i cherished my freedom . now 8 years later i have the same dream but i am not pursuing it . I wish i was like a normal person with  ambitions that are good and positive….